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The perfect out of office parental leave message for dads

A tried and tested parental leave out of office message for dads with a sense of humour.

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What to look for when choosing a childcare centre

On the hunt for a childcare centre and unsure where to start? Read our top five considerations.

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How to share the load as a working parent

Are you a working parent struggling with the juggle? Discover these tips for sharing the load with your partner from a working mum-of-six.

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Five tips to financially prepare for having a baby (and becoming a parent)

Discover five tips to help you financially prepare for having a baby and starting a family.

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“Since I told work I’m pregnant I’ve been treated differently”

Treated unfairly at work after announcing you’re pregnant? How to spot workplace discrimination and what to do about it.

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Finding and loving your personal brand

Are you living your values? Define your personal brand and tell the world who you truly are.

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two kids playing in the park

What have you got planned for the school holidays?

We have some great ideas under and over $10 to keep your kids entertained for the school holidays.

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I want to return to my old role but things have changed

Back from parental leave and the terms of your role have changed. Legal experts Holding Redlich offer practical advice.

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Defining your why

Bringing a little person into the world can be the trigger to contemplating some larger life questions. Our co-founder Kate Pollard explains defining your ‘why’ based on the insights of motivational speaker Simon Sinek.

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“A letter of thanks to my employer for supporting my parental leave”

A new parent’s first time taking parental leave is sure to offer up plenty of lessons in time for baby number two.

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Mother’s guilt: is it real or make believe?

Mother’s guilt: is it real or make believe?

Belinda Allitt shares her story of facing mother’s guilt head-on and kicking those negative thoughts to the kerb.

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Looking to relaunch your career?

Looking to relaunch your career?

If you’re seeking to change career direction, it might not be as daunting as you think. Here’s how to find the path to your dream job.

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To binge or not to binge: the parental leave Netflix dilemma

To binge or not to binge: the parental leave Netflix dilemma

No more wading into the murky waters of daytime television—these days there’s Netflix to keep you company on parental leave.

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Feeding your baby when you return to work

Still breastfeeding? We explain the rules in Australia that allow you to feed your child or express in the workplace.

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Up and away? Preparing for a work trip when you’re a parent

Being away from the family can add pressure to the daily grind. We ask seven parents about how they manage work travel.

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CI-rebcon-GX-CONS-tips to rebuild confidence

Tips to rebuild your confidence after parental leave

Lacking in confidence after a career break? Follow our expert tips to rebuild confidence, be your best self and thrive in your job.

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Why you need to take control of your parental leave journey

Mum-of-three Ashika Chand shares her tips for managing your career through parental leave and what she’s done differently third time round.

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Five things I learnt about flexible working

How can you work successfully and support your family? Dad-of-two Blake Woodward looks at ways to approach flexibility.

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