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CI-rebcon-GX-CONS-tips to rebuild confidence

Rebuild your confidence after parental leave

Lacking confidence after a career break? Follow our expert tips to rebuild confidence, be your best self, and thrive at work.

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5 expert tips to declutter and get organized for your sanity

Is clutter driving you crazy? Organizing expert Erin Boyce shares tips to take control of your home and get organized for your sanity.

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How to say no without feeling guilty

Tips to have you saying no to your coworker, manager, partner, child, or parent without feeling a case of the guilts.

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What the Circle In team wishes they'd known before going on parental leave

What the Circle In team wish they’d known before parental leave

We asked working parents what they wish they knew before parental leave and what they’d do differently next time.

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Teen rebellion and how to handle it

So, your once obedient child is now a rebellious teen? Here’s how to deal.

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Feeding your baby when you return to work

Resuming your career doesn’t mean the end of breastfeeding. Here’s how employers can support you to feed or express at work.

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Looking to relaunch your career?

Looking to relaunch your career?

A change of career direction might not be as daunting as you think. Here’s how to find the path to your dream job.

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What do you have planned for the school vacation?

10 fresh save or splurge ideas to keep your kids entertained during school vacation.

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How to make the school vacation more enjoyable for you and the kids

School vacation: a well-earned break or working parent juggle turned up to 11? Five expert tips to set you up for success.

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Circle In school vacation activity planner

School vacation planner for working caregivers

Download now! A helpful school vacation planner for working parents trying to juggle it all.

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Weekend wellness: Six evidence-based wellness activities for families

At the end of a busy work week, slow weekends with the family are just what the doctor ordered.

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When being comfortable at work is OK

New challenge or unnecessary stress? Why staying in your comfort zone at work can be a good thing for working parents.

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Messy play bingo: how many have you checked off?

Simple messy play activities for time-poor parents; plus, ideas to limit the mess!

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CI-slvrbl-GX-CONS-No silver bullet: Simple advice for returning to work

No silver bullet: Simple advice for returning to work

One conversation with an executive parent of twins changed Jodi Geddes’ perspective.

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Yes, flex! How to nail flexible working when you’re just back at work

Yes! You have negotiated flexible working arrangements, now how do you ensure success for both you and your employer?

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How can you keep your career on track during a pandemic?

Thinking about career progression? The world may have gone into lockdown, but your career doesn’t have to.

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How to avoid the no-break workday

Working from home in isolation? Top tips to help you avoid the no-break workday.

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How to build your confidence on parental leave

Feel like you’ve lost your confidence? It’s a common problem faced by parents during and just after parental leave. Kate Pollard sits down with expert D&I consultant Michelle Redfern to explore the identity shift that occurs to so many who become parents and the steps you can take to maintain and rebuild your confidence.

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