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RS-CONS-2103-Magdalena Dingas - menopause

“Be kind to yourself and reach out for help”: one woman’s transition to menopause

Are you or a loved one making the transition through menopause? One woman wants you to know that help is out there and you’re not alone.

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RS-CONS-2103-Sarah Lindeman

Sarah Lindeman on managing kids, full-time work, and a family relocation

Mum-of-three Sarah Lindeman explains how her employer Sanofi helped her find her groove in a time of great change.

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RS-CONS-2103-Michele C Hollow (US)

How the right support makes all the difference when parenting a child with autism

Helping your autistic child achieve a creative, fulfilling life starts with getting the right support for every family member. The story of how one couple parented their autistic child to adulthood.

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RS-CONS-2102-Shweta Thota

Shweta Thota’s working parent guide to living life to the fullest

Lines between work and life a little blurred? Shweta Thota shares her practical tips for thriving when things get crazy busy.

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How mindful living has helped this new parent surrender to the journey

Who wants a beautiful new resource to help raise resilient and tolerant kids? New parent Via Tendon combined her love of yoga, bicultural experience and entrepreneurial spirit to create just that.

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RS-CONS-2012-Suzanne McConchie

17 years strong at Ford Motor Company and (still!) driving success

With a commendable 17-year track record at Ford Motor Company, Suzanne McConchie is not only thriving in her professional life, but paying it forward.

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RS-CONS-1909-Rebecca Crossling

The Crossling family reveal why regional living is so good

Thinking about that tree-change? Rebecca Crossling and family are here to prove that country life actually is all it’s cracked up to be.

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RS-CONS-2012-Navi McKennary

An expat mum on ambition and adjusting to the work-life juggle

From Israel’s defence force to killing it in digital design; this mum-of-one’s ambition is going strong.

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RS-CONS-2011-Zoe Bingley-Pullin RS-CONS-2011-Zoe Bingley-Pullin

How Zoe Bingley-Pullin crushes life’s challenges to live her healthiest life

Zoe Bingley-Pullin is living proof that passion and determination are the key ingredients to a successful career.

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RS-CONS-1020-Erin The MommingWorker

The joy and chaos of working parent life with Erin @TheMommingWorker

A working parent blogger you can ride the rollercoaster of parenthood with… Erin of @TheMommingWorker is the real deal.

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Susie Hopkins on navigating her son’s autism diagnosis and her own wellbeing

How to achieve less stress and more wellbeing when caring for a child with additional needs? Susie Hopkins, solo mum, shares her story.

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RS-CONS-20XX-Lana Taylor 3 birds

Three Birds Renovations’ Lana Taylor kicks parental guilt to the curb

You’ve devoured her reno tips with Three Birds Renovations, now take inspo from founder Lana Taylor’s career and parenting style.

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