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Real stories from real parents to inspire you.

Every time the kids show particularly helpful behaviour they get a point!

With a point system and a routine, Lawyer Lucy Lyttleton shares her advice for working with kids during COVID-19.

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I rediscovered a passion for my first career after baby #2

Journalist Cindy Lever has created the life she craved: raising her children and doing a job she loves from her farm in Australia’s Gold Coast Hinterland.

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The Digital Picnic’s Cherie Clonan on the juggle and start up success

Raw. Inspirational. Laugh-out-loud funny. Cherie Clonan of the Digital Picnic’s account of parenthood and the juggle…warts and all.

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RS-CONS-1912-Tanya Windscheffel

“In the tech age, we must remember people are the most important thing”

Tanya Windscheffel is driving authentic conversation about parenthood in the workplace, and the IT industry is taking notice.

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“I returned to work after six weeks parental leave”

Laura Conti returned to work as a financial controller after six weeks of parental leave. Her one regret? Not preparing a comfier return to work wardrobe…

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“I created extreme flexibility for my family (and you can too)”

Want extreme flexibility? Meet Sarah Nally, the working mum shaking up nine to five as we know it.

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Moving countries and having a baby inspired this business

A diverse career track record, love of travel and entrepreneurial spirit have set this mum up to launch her second business and live the life of her dreams.

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Amanda Flouch on finding your ‘normal’ and paying it forward

Amanda discusses overcoming adversity and pursuing a ‘normal’ life of balancing parenting and career models.

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RS-CONS-1910-Catherine Brooks

When a career highlight coincides with parental leave

Catherine Brooks juggled the launch of new technology project when her baby was just a few months old.

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Flexible working helps this mum enjoy the best of both worlds

Headhunted during parental leave, communications whizz Phoebe Tan took on a new role and a flexible working arrangement to better integrate work and home life…

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How parental leave inspired this creative mum’s side-hustle

Kelly Berghella of @bergerandstuff has taken her fabulous artwork from parental leave side-hustle to full-time art biz…

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An Aussie parent living abroad shares her epic journey

An inspiring and honest account of Alice’s life journey from enviable career, the challenges of IVF and learning to let go of expectations.

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