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One dad’s pledge to teach his child the art of now

Expectant dad Rob Cass is feeling the pressure! With the birth of his first child days away, Rob knows the importance of earning a sustainable …

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I love my regional lifestyle but the juggle is still real

Lisa loves her regional lifestyle but the juggle is still real. Returning full-time to her career in agrifinance soon after parental leave was not in …

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I left a dazzling career in New York City to pursue a labour of love

Many mamas would agree that after giving birth your priorities change. You start adulting hard, your heart overflows with love and empathy, and you may …

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How the mother of a child with special needs finds peace and purpose in her extraordinary motherhood journey

Receiving a diagnosis of disability or additional needs for your child can come at a tremendous shock for parents, along with an onset of worry …

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How parental leave changed my life and why other dads should take it too

Now, this is what we call a hands-on dad! Taking advantage of the gender-neutral parental leave offered by his employer, PwC, Blake Woodward took nine …

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Job sharing is the secret to our work-life integration

Joanne Cheng and Chinetta Ren are job share partners whose early careers in the banking world led them along a similar path. After motherhood provoked …

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Kristy and Brad Clucas: A couple’s perspective on shared parental leave

Kristy and Brad Clucas discuss empathy and the mental load as they give us an exclusive look into their shared parental leave experience from both perspectives.

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One mother’s crusade to change workplace culture for good

Fiona Wilhelm has carved out an extraordinary career identifying and focusing on customer needs, from the early days of web design, to driving digital demand at …

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I’m a single career mum and have never been happier

Single mother of two Chelsie, re-launched her career over six years ago, and—despite huge changes in her personal and professional life—now feels happier than ever. …

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Jamila Rizvi and Clare Bowditch on the juggle, motherhood and ‘me time’

We loved catching up with bestselling author Jamila Rizvi and ARIA award-winning musician Clare Bowditch before they kick-off their Tea with Jam and Clare event …

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